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A'ME Clamp-On Tri Grips

$ 18.99

A’ME Clamp-On 1.1 (small diameter) /1.2 (medium diameter) /1.3 (large diameter). Clamp-On Tri grips are composed of Vulcathane™, a specially blended rubber compound combined with UV stabilizing ingredients that exhibit superior oxidation and ozone resistance. As a result, A’ME grips will not absorb moisture, deteriorate, harden or become slick with age, all the while providing and maintaining superior comfort.

All Clamp-On Tri Grips feature the popular raised A’ME triangle pattern.

A’ME Clamp-On Tri Grips are easy to install and are available in a variety of colors that compliment most bicycles and components.

Installation is simple with a single clamp-on design – just slide the grip onto your handlebar and tighten one screw.

Made in USA